In WAPE Forum

Inequality and world capitalism: analysis, policy and action

8th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy 
May 2326, 2013, at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Florianopolis, Brazil

Topics for the Eighth WAPE Forum
1. The inequality in the production and distribution of wealth in the world and its causes
2. The occupy movement and anti-inequality struggles world wide
3. Inequality in Latin America
4. Social policy and reduction of inequality
5. Analyses of the current financial and economic crisis
6. Falling rate of profit in capitalist countries
7. Changing north-south relations in the 21st century
8. Comparison of Latin American model and Chinese/Vietnamese model
9. Models of socialism
10. Labor Theory of Value and Exploitation
11. Eco-socialism and anti-nuclear power plant movement in the world
12. Estate and social class in contemporary capitalism

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