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State, Market, the Public and Human Development in the 21st Century

The 7th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy
May 2527, 2012, at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City

Topics for the Seventh WAPE Forum
1. The relationship between state, market, and the public under globalization
2. The status, role, and forms of organization of the public in globalization
3. Marxism and human development in the 21st century
4. The new imperialism and its many negative influences on human development
5. The economic, political, and military roots of the fiscal crises in the U.S. and Europe
6. Employment and income distribution under the “dual failure” of state and market
7. The polarization of wealth on the global level and in different countries and its negative effects
8. The reform of international economic organizations and the development of human society
9. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and “South-South Cooperation”
10. The Occupy Movements and the Critique of Capitalism
11. Left movements in Latin America and socialism in the 21st century

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