WRPE 13.2 authors on the Okishio Theorum

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WRPE 13.2 authors on the Okishio Theorum. Authors Xian Zhang and Yufeng Xue article “A CRITICAL DECONSTRUCTION OF THE OKISHIO THEOREM” https://bit.ly/WRPE13_2_Zhang_Xue and also author Bin Yu’s article “ANALYSIS ON THE OKISHIO THEOREM” https://bit.ly/WRPE13_2_Bin address the Okishio Theorum. Authors Zhang and Xue examine literature denying Marx’s Law of Tendency of Rate of Profit to Fall and how the Okishio theorem exerts extensive influence in this field. Author Yu’s article looks at the Okishio theorem as a classic theory of Japanese Marxism that denies the law of the decline of the general rate of profit proposed by Marx in the third volume of Capital. This article looks at how the theorem seriously affects the correct understanding of the mode of production and the economic crisis in capitalist countries today.





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