The 9th WAPE Forum – Growth, Development and Social Justice

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Growth, Development and Social Justice

The Ninth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy
May 2325, 2014, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences
Hanoi, Vietnam

The 8th forum of the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) was successfully held in Florianopolis, Brazil on May 24-26, 2013. Participants from over twenty countries attended this forum. Ninety three papers or abstracts were submitted. Theotonio dos Santos (Brazil) and Wei Xinhua (China) were granted the Marxian Economics Award, and nine professors from USA, UK, France, China, Japan, Brazil, and Vietnam were granted the Distinguished Achievement Award of World Political Economy of the 21st Century. A Statement on “Inequalities and World Capitalism: Analysis, Policy and Action” was released at the closing ceremony of the forum.

The 9th WAPE Forum “Growth, Development and Social Justice” will be held at Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam on May 23-25, 2014.

Topics for the Eighth WAPE Forum
1. Analyses of the economic crisis that began in 2008
2. Austerity policy and the Euro zone crisis
3. The twists and turns of the uprisings in emerging countries
4. Neoliberalism and the alternatives
5. Climate change, development and social justice
6. The role of the state in economic development and social justice in the condition of market economy
7. Agarian relations and labor studies
8. The tertiary sector in the emerging economies: services, finance, business and the creative industries
9. Comparison of socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam with socialist market economy in China
10. New developmentalism in the context of Latin America
11. Experiences of economic and political reforms in Vietnam
12. Geopolitical economy: the shifting pattern of international political and economic relations
13. Comparisons between Marxist political economy and neoclassical economics
14. Human development and Human Development Economics
15. Other topics related to Marxist political economy

Proposals on the above topics and beyond for both individual papers and complete panels are welcome. Some of the sessions will be co-supported by Japan Society for Promoting Science.

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